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Workday Charity Open – Full Tournament

This week, the PGA Tour makes its stop at Muirfield Village Golf Club for the Workday Charity Open, one week before playing The Memorial, again at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio. Consider this [...]

Saturday’s Soccer Star Shootout

In these uncertain times we can take some comfort in The Beautiful Game.While North American professional sports have plans to possibly, hopefully return, soccer is in full flight in Europe and [...]

Travelers Championship – Round One

We knew this wasn’t going to be all smooth sailing, right? Even if golf figures to be a sports that is a little easier to manage social distancing, it isn’t foolproof, by any means and word has [...]



  • When you lose your driver’s license so you have to take your son’s toy car. 😭 2 hours ago
  • Patrick Beverley is living his best life inside the #NBA bubble. 🎮 3 hours ago
  • This guy is going into the dad Hall of Fame for this mastetful trolling. 😝📸 4 hours ago
  •  @nicsulsky   @rotobuzzguy   @RickWolf1   @glenncolton1   @BigBun   @jenpiacenti  Why couldn’t you draft like that when you pic… 5 hours ago
  • Joel Embiid is no longer trusting the process, he’s trusting the precautions by wearing a space suit. 😷👨‍🚀 5 hours ago

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